The directories are here!
Judy and Wilton Marchman will be giving out a free directory to all individuals who were photographed by LifeTouch. They will be distributed as follows:
Sunday, Dec. 6 after the 11:00 worship service. Pick up your copy at the information desk in the narthex where you originally signed up for photo sessions.  The Marchmans will be giving out your free directory if you had your photo made.  Please social distance and line up for quick distribution.
Sunday, Dec. 6 at drive-through Communion from 2-3:00 in the church parking lot
Monday, Dec. 7 again at the information desk in the narthex 1:00-3:00
Tuesday, Dec. 8 at information desk in the narthex 10-12:00
Sunday, Dec. 13 at information desk 10:15-10:45 a.m. before the worship service and after the service as well
Please keep your masks on as you pick them up. 
There is a limited number of copies we can sell for $10 (exact change) for those who did not have their photo made and wish to purchase this 175th year celebratory edition of our church directory.
Thank you for your patience for the past year.