Jonesboro First United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020
Gather - Grow - Give - Go... with Gratitude!

Sunday School

Smaller group settings are important for the process of growth in discipleship regardless of age. Our Sunday school classes use a variety of curriculum and teaching styles. Some are related as for our children and youth classes, while others relate more to life situations or compositions of the adults that make up the class. Sunday school classes also provide opportunities for fellowship and community building.
We strive to provide classes appropriate for all ages and situations, and are always interested in the needs of groups that may not be served by the current classes, or who need educational and small group experiences at other times. Should you wish to begin a new class, we encourage you to contact Pastor George (7710) 478-6444.


Children's Classes

Children’s Sunday School begins at 9:40 a.m. each Sunday morning. Class is held in the Education Building.  Pre-K3 - 5th grade - Education Building, Room 108


Children are eligible for confirmation when they are 12 years of age and in the 6th grade, and there is no upper age limit.  Confirmation classes are held on Sunday's during the Sunday School hour during the school year, or during special class times depending upon the circumstances of the confirmands and their families.  The curriculum includes a variety of field trips, and scheduling of classes and trips are done during a parent-pastor consultation. The confirmation rite is held on Pentecost Sunday, or on the closest Sunday when communion is celebrated.  Having confirmation on a communion Sunday allows our newly confirmed members to have the experience of serving communion as their first "official" service to others.


Youth Classes

All youth classes meet in the Youth House (located in the back parking lot) on Sunday mornings
from 9:40-10:40 a.m.  Breakfast provided!
All Youth ages are taught by Winnie and Will Thomas


Adult Classes


Young Adults

(Education Building, Nurs. Room 3)
What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? Join us in the Young Adult Sunday school class as we explore and answer that question with the challenging words of Jesus the Christ. Sharing our experiences in the world, and our insights from the Scriptures, we continue to learn how to be examples of Christ's presence in this world. Through acts of love, prayer and encouragement, we make it our goal to help everyone become effective members of the body of Christ. Leader: Mark McPherson



Adult Fellowship

(Administration Building, Room 15, down the steps from both entrances) 
This class is made up of adults of all ages and backgrounds whose mission is to learn to apply Christian principles to everyday living. Their philosophy embraces diversity in thinking, unity in Christ, warmth, friendship and support of members. Class lessons usually involve discussion of Biblical and social issues. The class provides opportunities for outreach in many different ways. They have fellowship and refreshments on Sundays before the lesson begins, as well as social activities each month.
Charles Cobb, President



(Administration Building, Room 212, second floor)
This class offers a friendly, close, casual atmosphere in which members learn to link their life experiences to the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God. The members think of themselves as “practicing” Christians because they are still working at what John Wesley termed, “going on to perfection”. If your spiritual journey toward perfection has stalled out or been railroaded, you are invited to join the class for a traveling experience you won’t quickly forget.
Terry Cameron


JOY - Jesus, Others, Yourself

(Administration Building, Room 12, down the steps from both entrances) 
This class is primarily a discussion class with members of all ages from 20-80. The discussion leaders are class members. 


Main Street

(Education Building, Room 102, Second Floor)
Our name, Main Street, comes from our beginnings as a new class that met off campus, literally on Main Street in Jonesboro because we had no more classroom space on-campus.  This class is a young-thinking group of singles and married couples, with children of all ages who enjoy studying the Bible and applying the lessons to our busy lives. The class is very active in the church and volunteers its time and talents in active Christian stewardship. One of their annual events is the Crock-Pot Cook-Off held in January.  Attendees make a donation for mission projects and, with muffin tins in hand, sample the fare from dozens of crock pots!
Tommy Roberts


New Beginnings

(Education Building, Room 104 on the first floor)
Adults of all ages, married or single, are welcome to come and study each Sunday. The class offers open discussion regarding Bible study and contemporary topics with leaders who teach on a rotating schedule. We are currently using the Adult Bible Study series. With the variety of folks in our class, you will find many points of view in this class.
Bryan Holmes


Pairs & Spares

(Administration Building, Room 113 on the first floor)
This class encompasses a wide age range of adults, generally over 40. As the name implies, some are married and others are not, some attend with spouses and others do not. The study is scripture based and the class members strive to apply what they learn to their own lives. The class participates in many mission projects. Together, the class tries to meet all types of needs that are brought to our attention. Hope to see you on Sundays.


Upper Room/Wesley Workers

(Education Building, Room 101 on first floor)
This is an active group of senior adults who are using the “International Adult Bible Study” lessons with lots of discussion. The first Upper Room class was held in September of 1949, and was organized in the home of Bill and Edna Green. This is a friendly class that nurtures each other, and enjoys fellowship together throughout the year. Everyone is welcome.